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TEIJIN have developed a New item “insulating heat dissipation sheet” that has three merits in physical properties: insulation, high heat resistance, and high heat dissipation.

Dramatic technological developments are required for such as electric vehicles (EV), high-speed information communication (5G(generation) telecommunication etc.), and power semiconductors as next generation devices. These devices need smaller size, higher speed processing, and higher output. In particular, TEIJIN propose this new material for these needs of increasing heat generation in parts.

TEIJIN’s new materials realize the needs of electronic devices to keep insulation, use at high temperature, and achieve high heat dissipation.

Our new material has flexibility and can be applied to curved surfaces of devices. Moreover, it can be used in communication equipment because of its insulating properties that does not interfere with communication.

TEIJIN propose various solutions to the thermal problems in various developments together by using this material or other approach.

What we want for Co-Creation?

In the next-generation equipment, the thermal problem of equipment has become a major issue and is inevitable in component design. There is a need for designs that incorporate higher-performance thermal interface materials.

To solve this market need, TEIJIN have developed new insulating heat dissipation sheet that has three high physical properties: insulation, high thermal resistance, and high heat dissipation.

TEIJIN new material is composed of a super engineering resin with a glass transition temperature of 300℃ and ceramic filler. The filler contents of the sheet is very high, then this sheet shows high insulating properties and heat resistance.

This sheet shows high thermal conductivity equivalent to ceramics at 45 W/m・K in the in-plane direction. This thermal property works as a heat spreader that widens the heat spots such as heat sources and decrease the temperature of heat spot effectively. The thermal conductivity in the thickness direction is approximately 2 W/m・K, however the heat resistance (0.2 cm²-K/W) as the sheet is small, then the heat of element can be transferred quickly because the sheet is very thin with a thickness of 40 μm.

This TEIJIN material that has such physical characteristics is a quite unique thermal material. As an example of application of this material in a power semiconductor, it is installed on the lower surface or the upper surface of the chip to keep insulation and spread the heat spot of the chip as a heat spreader. It is effective and greatly contributes to reducing the temperature of the chip. In addition, This sheet is insulating, it is also applied to communication equipment because of no radio wave shielding of this sheet. As for application to communication equipment, it can also be applied to 5G smartphones in the gigahertz band.

This material is an insulating heat-dissipation sheet that has high insulation, heat resistance, and heat dissipation. There will be various potential application, so please consider it.

  • Solution development center / Second group leader / Katsuhiro Yamanaka


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